Friday, June 15, 2018

Entertainment Center Cabinet for Big TV

This is an entertainment center for a large screen TV that will set above the mantel effect about 48 inches from the floor. The wall had a 45 degree turn in it on the left where the cabinet was extended to the edge of the sliding glass door. The right section the wall extends out from the inside corner about 18 inches, so the cabinet is a couple of inches less that this in thickness to the face.

© Florida Craftwood
The visible hole is behind the TV and is space so that wiring from the TV can drop down into the lower cabinet where the electrical outlet is and the cable hookup if used. The lower doors are inset into the openings and have an adjustable shelf inside each base cabinet. All the shelves are adjustable except the fixed shelf directly above the top of the TV section.

© Florida Craftwood  
This final photo is taken near the entrance to the house.

© Florida Craftwood

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