Saturday, August 12, 2017

Custom Made Interior Barn Doors from Florida Craftwood

We've added a new product we're offering customers in the Tampa/Lakeland Florida area. Local suppliers have started offering hardware that is available for use and can easily be purchased for quick jobs in the area. We've had a shop for nearly 30 years and can design and build barn doors for interior use of your liking. The standard size hardware is 72 inches in length which allows coverage for an opening slightly smaller than 36 inches or the door can be sticking out slightly into the opening if necessary. The next size larger is 79 inches which allows for the doors to swing back out of the opening and also be made slightly larger than 36 inches wide.

Below is a sample of a set of doors that were made previously.

These were made of pine using a product that was ordered from Home Depot requiring planning. The tongue and groove backing was also purchased from Home Depot locally. The door above is unfinished. We currently do not ship door, rather build and install locally.