Friday, December 8, 2017

Entertainment Center for Big Screen TV

This entertainment center was built for a big screen TV to mount in the center upon the back wall and wires to run inside a chase down to lower section where wire access is located. The doors below the center section have a decorative grating for both ventilation and guaranteed remote functioning if used. The following photo shows the cabinets freshly painted without the shelves or door knobs installed.

© Florida Craftwood

The opening for the big screen TV is big enough for a 60". The base is built similarly to furniture with a decorative leg and toe kick since the floor here was fairly level to begin with.

The top has a solid piece so that the view of the top is more finished looking a seen from upstairs . (See photo below.)

© Florida Craftwood
The shelf above the opening for the TV is fixed and another adjustable shelf is made for above this.
All the doors are inset with self-closing hardware and adjustable shelves.

© Florida Craftwood
The base cabinet is 20 inches deep and 18 inches on the sides deep. The section above is 12 inches deep. The hole seen in the center section is the access to the vertical chase for wiring which is behind the TV.