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Your home furniture is the first thing people notice when they step inside your home. Nothing makes a better impression than quality furniture. At Florida Craftwood our goal was to bring you the highest quality furniture at the best price. Florida Craftwood offered quality woodworking and design with a focus on outstanding customer service. In designing your woodwork, we provided scale drawings so that you can could see and feel what would be built was right for you. We offered all types of cabinetry, trim, remodeling, milling, and shop work backed by a lifetime of experience. Our diversity and expertise left us outstanding in the market and we focused on helping customers enhance and return value to their homes.

R. Mark Sink was a designer/builder and remodeling specialists for over 35 years. He could create, build or design your projects in ways you may never have thought of.

He was originally born in Illinois and currently retired. Here are a few links of reference.

Recent Kitchen Cabinet Designs
Specialty Office Furniture: Custom Built Library Bookcases 
Sunroom Office Cabinets
Red Oak Book Case Cabinet in Recessed Wall 
Red Oak Desk
Nitch Red Oak Corner Cabinets  
Entertainment Center Cabinet for Big TV  

Stairways and Trim

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Mantels | Pilasters

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A Before and After

Mantle Design

\Corner Cabinets


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