Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Design Ideas for Headboards with Cabinet Storage

When looking at various designs for Headboards one begins to understand the difficulty in arriving at a workpiece that is non-obstructive while also providing useful functionality. In the following design, the thickness of the cabinet is reduced on the inside edge to add less obstruction, in effect splitting the upper cabinet with a door to the outside, while leaving the inside open and adding small lights. The is a bedroom set from taragodwin.com.

© Taragodwin.com
Here is another bedroom set that has picked up the same idea, although contemporary in design, the addition of a pullout in each side cabinet is more traditional along with storage above the mattress. Here, the upper cabinet is again reduced to the inside edge to meet up with the headboard. This is from Interiorbit.com.

© Interiorbit.com

A more elaborate design is made by separating the bedframe from the cabinets in this fabulous teenage room workpiece where a cabinet over the bedframe is attached to the two additional storage cabinets. Then lights are added in various locations, and the cabinets are likely attached to the wall for security. This is from homegoid.com.

© Homegoid.com
The idea that a bedframe must always be incorporated into a design is not necessary especially if one decides to upgrade bedding or alter colors. The following allows the wall color to show through adding to the design flavor. This is from homedit.com.

© Homedit.com
Being creative is the key while also blending the necessary colors and tones that are pleasing and functional. We found this last example outstanding. This is from FallsMillworkelley.com.

© Falls Millwork

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