Sunday, September 17, 2017

Custom Cabinets Over AC Return with Mantel Effect

The following cabinets were designed for an old house in South Tampa which had an air conditioning return vent off center in the wall. The photo below, taken with my phone (will be updated later with finished pictures) shows the cabinets in place with a coat of primer, sanded, and some caulking done. The air conditioner return is in the middle section right behind the double doors which have a decorative grating panel that is also painted, which allows the air to return through the doors back to the air conditioner unit which is behind the wall in a storage room.

© Florida Craftwood
The base cabinets are about 16 and 18 inches deep center section extended. Adjustable shelves in all cabinets except air return. A TV will be mounted above the mantel shelf center. Once cabinet is finished painted, additional photos will be posted here.

© Florida Craftwood
Cabinet doors are inset to reflect an older style that is actually a higher quality looking design than overlay doors today. Unfortunately, the photos are not as good as my other camera, so looking forward to taking better pics.

© Florida Craftwood
The center section is extended with a pilaster effect at corners as a method to create the mantel effect while adding decorative vertical pieces under shelf, and making shelf thicker with a moulding on the face as similarly at the top of upper cabinets. The baseboard was milled to match existing.

More pictures will be posted when ready.

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