Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Pine Living Room Wall Cabinet with Sink

This is a pine cabinet with granite top constructed for a living room space where a small sink is utilized for serving tea, and any other refreshments where water is needed. The sink has been installed but not the faucet. See below.

© Florida Craftwood
Here is a closer image of the base section.

© Florida Craftwood
This cabinet has some grain matching that can be seen in the drawers which adds to the look for quality purpose. There are windows on each side which adds some glare to the photo.

© Florida Craftwood
Photos again taken with my phone, so the quality of pictures are a little less than normally taken with a real camera. The availability of pine crown moulding has fallen off, so a different creation was used for the trim at ceiling. The cabinet is stained with a color named Hickory from Minwax and is a gel stain. Then lacquer is applied.

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